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Monday, September 6, 2010

Scarecrow Paper Pin

Happy Labor Day  everyone! Thanks for stopping by.

Today's project is a layered paper pin. This technique was developed by Kelli Purkey also known as the Pin Lady. The technique is not hard but requires a lot of patience as it is done in layers of cardstock. For this pin I used an adorable Scarecrow digital image from the Stamping Boutique. I copied the scarecrow image three times, one for the base and two extras so that I could color and cut out my layered pieces. The base is three layers of cardstock and each additional piece is two layers of cardstock.

I took this photo from the side to show how the pin is layered and shaped.

Before the layers dried, I added some coiled wire to the top of the pumpkin for added texture. The pin is then sprayed with six coats of triple thick enamel to give it sheen and to harden the cardstock. If there are any additional embellishments that you would like to add such as rhinestones, it would be done at this point. To finish the pin I added  twisted raffia and finally a magnet and washer to make the pin. This could also be used as a magnet and would make a great teacher's gift.

The raffia twist was made by my 10 year old daughter. We took the girls to Williamsburg, VA for vacation and at Jamestown they learned how to take reed and twist it into rope for fishing nets just like the early settlers did. Ellie just had to try it when we returned home and I have been using these twists as fall decor on some of my projects.


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